Our love story

I didn’t expect at the end were officially dating cuz we had promise to not dating each other lol. At first when I met him on zepeto and started make a friendship with him I was like, I think I’ll never fall in love with this boy. I enjoyed my own life as a single, I make myself to be free as long as I don’t have a bf. Then he came to me, he tried to make me feel comfy but he’s kinda flirty af actually. We did call everyday even were just bestie. And ya I started catch feeling then were dating. I’m so exited when he call me at midnight, we both talk about everything. I just want him to stay. Idgaf if anyone leave me except my family, but not this one ʕ´• ᴥ•̥`ʔ I know we both never meet before, idk abt how he’s look, he’s smile and so on but I love him so much and he mean everything to me,genuinely. I’m so glad I found him and I’m so lucky to have him <3

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